An Advent Pilgrimage (Poem)

The Argument: During a forgettable church service, the soon-to-be pilgrim notices the shoes of the Prophet, 
and by way of small talk, notes how far a distance the Prophet has traveled. 
Being convicted by the gaze of the Prophet, the pilgrim begins to turn away, 
but is reassured and called onto the pilgrimage through the desert. 
Beginning at the edge of the Unreal City at the feet of the Tree of David, 
the Prophet leads the pilgrim in the direction pointed by the root of the tree. 
During the first week of traveling, the pilgrim has second thoughts about the journey, 
but is convicted by the Prophet and repents. The pilgrim then meets Jeremiah, 
who leads the pilgrim to a secret chapel, illuminated from the inside by the Servant of God (Malachi),
 and John the Baptist. The pilgrim is convicted further and sent out to wash in the waters of the river. 
This cleansing is so potent that the pilgrim passes out and is carried and laid onto the altar of the Lord. 
The pilgrim then awakes some days …